The Intelligence Agency is a premier digital advertising, marketing, and direct response firm, specialising in Facebook, Instagram, Re-marketing and CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) online campaigns.

We help clients solve their most difficult cases: lost customers, slow sales, empty event seats, apps that aren't being downloaded.

Our unique Profiled Direct Response methodology helps our clients get the best outcomes while keeping their ad budgets to a minimum. Profiled Direct Response allows us to profile advertising demographics much more accurately and helps ensure that the people who will view your ads are most likely to ACT on them -not just be interested in seeing them.

Over the last decade we've specialised in helping customers in the following verticals:

  • 1. Subscription models
  • 2. E-commerce purchases
  • 3. Event registration
  • 4. Ticket sales
  • 5. App downloads and installs

Our global operations mean that we can monitor your ad campaigns 24-hours a day, to ensure the highest performance and return on investment. Your campaign will always have our watchful eyes upon it, to make sure we keep your ad spend to a minimum, and that we always maximize your results.

With our CPA model, you don't pay us until you see results!

There aren't many other agencies or gumshoes that will make you that promise.

Contact us, pour yourself a drink, and tell us what your case is.


We Profile. You Profit!

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