Digital advertising has never been better.

High-class casinos. Seedy bars. Neighborhood churches. Small-town football games. Downtown. Uptown. Midtown. Old folks. Young ladies. Professionals. Working men. Working women. Tough guys or soft gals.

Your next client can be anywhere or anyone. Don't matter to us. We'll help you track them down.

The Intelligence Agency has pioneered the technique of Profiled Direct Response which ensures that we always get our man (or woman. Seriously we don't care either way.)


Usually, we keep our secrets like we keep our Scotch: locked up tight.

But for you, we are going to make an exception because you look like you have an honest face.

  • STEP 1 : The Ingest

    First, we pledge a vow of secrecy, and take your existing client data from your CRM, spreadsheet, or database, and we input it into our analytics software where the magic happens.

  • STEP 2 : The Reconnaissance

    We use our online tools to see what your clients' social media, search, and online buying habits are. Don't worry: their secrets are safe with us because we only look at the total data -not any individual's online habits.

  • STEP 3 : The Usual Suspects

    We compare your clients' results to a massive amount of social media and online data we have from millions of people to see if we spot a pattern. Do they all like the same pages on Facebook? Do a significant number of them visit the same websites? What do they have in common?

  • STEP 4 : The Profile

    In a manila folder labelled TOP SECRET, we hand over to you your ideal customer profile: the unique set of variables (age, gender, location, likes, buying habits, website visits) that define who your ideal customer is and how we can target them via Facebook and other forms of online advertising.

Why Profiled Direct Response Works

When a drunk walks into a bar, the barkeep knows why he's there and what he wants. How? Because he's profiled him. He can tell by his stumble and his slurs if he's a Harvey Walbanger, an Old Fashion, or a paint thinner kind of slush.

Profiled Direct Response works the same way. We use your existing client base to predict who your new customers will be. We know who will be most likely to ACT upon seeing your ad.

You don't have to be a Sam Spade to "target" an ad. Any two-bit gumshoe can do that. What we do is special, see. The bee’s knees. The brass ring. The top shelf liquor.

We profile. You profit. That's what makes us unique.

Top of the world, ma.

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