• Profiled Direct Response compatible!
  • Re-targeting on Facebook!
  • Highly valuable user base!
  • Great for businesses with tangible products or locations to showcase!

Instagram is the hottest online property for advertising right now and for good reason. The image and video focused platform is ideal for companies that want to showcase their brand, products, or locations.

Fashion brands, restaurants, e-commerce businesses and artists have all found success with Instagram. User for user, Instagram is the most valuable source of leads for many companies around the world.

Because Instagram is part of the Facebook family, our Profiled Direct Response system works perfectly with it. We can profile users in much the same way we do on Facebook, providing you with quality leads and a profitable campaign.

The Intelligence Agency is able to target, or send custom messages to users whom previously expressed interest by engaging with any of your Instagram posts. If they visit Facebook afterwards, we can show them your ads there as well.

And the best part: Instagram ads look almost exactly like regular Instagram content so your ad is not seen to be intrusive. It merely looks like another part of a user’s Instagram feed.

We use great images and engaging videos to attract responses from profiled demographics. We know what to show them and what to tell them to pique their interest so that they respond to your ad.

Contact us today and let us show you how Instagram can set fire to your ad campaigns!