Frequently Asked Questions

What is CPA marketing?

Our company operates on a Cost-per-Action (CPA) model in which payment is based on completing a pre-defined goal such as an online sale, filled out form or even a subscription. It is an online advertising model where the client only pays for a specified action linked to the advertisement. Initially, new clients pay upfront (with a rebate being issued should we fail to deliver), while clients with established relationships pay only when an action is completed.

What creative design do I need to bring?

Nothing other than your logo or product photos! And even then we can help! Our designers will create online banners, text ads, and even professional videos to get the best results for you. If your goal is to constantly improve online results it is necessary always have new creative to continue educating your potential prospects. We also make custom landing pages, registration forms and other helpful tricks to maximize results before we can figure out which ads or landing pages get the best response.

How do you set up a tracking system for my advertising campaign?

Once you identify what your conversion event is (a sale, download, registration, etc.), a pixel ( a small snippet of code) is placed within your campaign’s landing page to ensure we can track the success of any online advertisement we run for you. Our tracking system can simultaneously serve millions of ads around the globe without slowing your company website loading time.

What data should I provide for a successful launch of a marketing campaign?

It could be helpful if you provided us with information related to what display ads have worked well in the past, key markets for your services and products, target demographics, or perhaps share e-mail contacts or relevant information of your existing or previous prospects. This gives us an opportunity to build similar audiences of potential prospects based on their previous online behaviour.

What kinds of customers Intelligence Media Serves?

Our team has dealt with advertisers from essentially every online business space: insurance, finance, gaming, education, entertainment and other industries. Our clients range from medium to large corporations, which include Fortune 500 companies.