• Highly efficient way to advertise online!
  • Serve ads that you know the user has specific interest in!
  • Build trust with your brand!
  • Increase sales with more direct calls to action!

What good is it to hire a profiler if they can’t keep tabs on your suspects? With re-marketing, the Intelligence Agency can do just that.

Have you ever visited a website, and then noticed that their advertising suddenly followed you everywhere online? That’s re-marketing.

Re-marketing (or re-targeting) is when advertiser serves ads to users who have previously engaged with a company’s website, product, display or video ads.

Let’s say Susan visits your site, and browses your online store. She finds a pair of shoes she likes but she decides that she doesn’t want to make a purchase at that moment.

With re-marketing, we can target Susan with your advertisements as she surfs online, reminding her of the pair of shoes that she likes and even informing her of a special promotion if she were to buy now. Knowing Susan’s exact preference makes it easier for us to craft an impactful ad that speaks to her desires.

The real power of digital advertising comes with the ability to focus on individuals who have already been exposed to a particular company’s brand or products. It’s like seeing the same person at a café every day. Sooner or later you’re going to say hi to them and start talking. You get to know their preferences, habits and quirks so you know exactly how to interact with them in a way that they are most receptive. In our case, our goal is to use re-marketing to develop a sense of trust with your brand to initiative an action such as a purchase or a sign-up.

Coupled with our unique Profiled Direct Response technology, our re-marketing initiatives outperform the competition almost every time because we start off with a more profiled audience. Re-marketing just magnifies the effectiveness of Profiled Direct Response.

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