Ekaterina Khomenko
Ekaterina “Electra” Khomenko

Junior Media Buyer

Ekaterina is a media buyer specializing with Facebook and Instagram campaigns. Graduated form Zaporizhia National Technical University in 2011, majoring in International Finances. Ekaterina brings her financial savvy to every media purchases she works on for our clients.

Igor Derevianko
Igor “The Devil” Derevianko

Media Buyer

Igor knows Google, Facebook and Instagram inside and out. Igor helps our customers get more success online by applying his knowledge and practical skills obtained through many PPC campaigns management and analysing complex metrics. In his free time, Igor practices MMA to help us wrestle the best deals for our clients.

Marina Prykhodko
Marina “The Hammer” Prykhodko

HR Manager

Marina graduated from Chernihiv State Pedagogical University in 2006 with a B.S. in History majoring in English Language & Literature. She worked as a Junior Media Buyer with Intelligence Agency since 2015 before before she was promoted to HR Manager where she rules us with her iron fist.

Vitalii Chalaidiuk
Vitalii “Ice Pick” Chalaidiuk


Responsible for R&D, Vitalii is focused on transforming opportunities provided by technologies into added value for our company and clients. University graduate with Master degrees in Computer Science and Enterprise Economics. He previously worked as software engineer and IT architect for a Fortune 500 company until he decided to bring his enormous skills to the Intelligence Agency.

Vlad  Stetsyk
Vlad ‘CHUCKLES’ Stetsyk

Account Manager

Vlad is responsible for new business development and account management. Prior to being promoted to helping us provide our clients with better services Vlad worked at Intelligence Agency as a media buyer since 2013. Vlad takes our clients' accounts management very seriously and makes sure that we do everything possible to keep clients happy.